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NEW VIDEO! - "Don't Think This Christmas" live from The Warehome

In My Own Hand

MY HANDS | The most immediate connecting-agents to the worlds I perceive. And when they meet with the achromatic semitones, electricity fires in my brain and races through my skin. Sensations and environs so familiar generate a quiet, rooted confidence not unlike linguistic fluency. In a sheer second's time, a new idea forms -- then informs my heart. Pulses respond, incitement ensues and at once doubles, beating blood-rhythms into...

NEW VIDEO! - "Don't Think This Christmas" live from The Warehome

AJ DeGrasse

DON'T THINK's LIVE VIDEO | If you're one for whom the Holidays bring a quiet, stark melancholy from an aching space felt by the absence of loved ones present or past... this tribute is yours. In some cases it gets easier over time, but not for all. I hope this song and story find a way into that place, for you, where little else can.

I'll leave this post short and sweet, so you can get right to the new video below. For the deeper story and images, go here. And after you watch, I invite you to share something of what this stirs in you (use the "comment" link at bottom). Whom in your life does the song or story bring to mind? Your input will be seen and appreciated by myself and the guys here.

This is the personal story behind the song, along with a new live recorded performance from The Warehome in southern California.
Musicians (l to r): Dallas Kruse - keys, perc; AJ - piano, voice; Julian Rodriguez - drums; Corey Cofield - bass.
Crew: Dallas Kruse, Justin Cornell - cinematography; Joe Marlett - audio mix; Jerry Liu, Dallas Kruse - video edit.

To read more of the story of my Dad (Johnny) and Grandmother (Jo), and of the writing and recording of this song originally for The Bells of Good Will album, check out its in depth story with special images

May your holidays season be rich in ways you might not have imagined. ~AJ