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It's beginning to look a lot like WareMas

In My Own Hand

MY HANDS | The most immediate connecting-agents to the worlds I perceive. And when they meet with the achromatic semitones, electricity fires in my brain and races through my skin. Sensations and environs so familiar generate a quiet, rooted confidence not unlike linguistic fluency. In a sheer second's time, a new idea forms -- then informs my heart. Pulses respond, incitement ensues and at once doubles, beating blood-rhythms into...

It's beginning to look a lot like WareMas

AJ DeGrasse

currently listening to:
"Little Bird" - Gayle Skidmore from her album Sleeping Bear (2014)

WareMas 2015 is here! Sunday 12/27/15 | doors 6:30 | music from 7:30

For info visit this page and rsvp here* today.

A personal note on WareMas
Being an independent buck -- without a phalanx of brand-managing masterminds -- I'm never quite sure what you all perceive that I do in a given month or year. Not that you care to! Frankly, I ofttimes can't keep up with my own self! And what a vacu-packed 2015 it's been for so many.

Did you know that each year on this weekend after Christmas -- when "getting back to work" is still far from mind and everyone wants a few days more to play with their new toy drones and cabbage-patch dolls (yep, went 1984 on you) -- a gaggle of independent artists, musicians and friends gathers at an unassuming warehouse in Orange, CA to mark the year's passing together? It's a special musical soirée all our own we call WareMas. And this Sunday is the 7th annual!

I suppose it's our way of sharing our versions of a Christmas letter -- our songs, artworks, recipes, our collaborations, our stories of the road from another twelve months of life.

Highlights from #WareMas 2014 at The Warehome in Orange, CA.
Song is "Little Bird" (live from WareMas 2014) by Gayle Skidmore.
v: 4th Street Productions

As you can see, we endeavor a capture of the ensuing beauty. Guests dress it up for the occasion, in holiday-style. It's a moment. and it's a lot of fun. I don't want you to miss out if you can join us, so consider this my personal invitation to you in the SoCal region - just text your name to The Warehome Team at 714.408.7006

There are a few 20-minute performance slots still open for you songsters, contact me today - And send a shout if inspired to craft a tasty to share with everyone.

Here's to another most Merry WareMas! See you on Sunday ~AJ