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In My Own Hand

MY HANDS | The most immediate connecting-agents to the worlds I perceive. And when they meet with the achromatic semitones, electricity fires in my brain and races through my skin. Sensations and environs so familiar generate a quiet, rooted confidence not unlike linguistic fluency. In a sheer second's time, a new idea forms -- then informs my heart. Pulses respond, incitement ensues and at once doubles, beating blood-rhythms into...

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'Twas the Fortnight Before Christmas: Forging of The Bells | Some Children, pt 1

AJ DeGrasse

SOME CHILDREN | 'Tis no hyperbole: I get to make fun noises with some remarkable music-buddies. And if the task-du-jour is one of my own curation, then to a "man" those buddies would likely betray how I consistently lead us to the very fire's-edge. 

It must have something to do with my

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